Monday, February 21, 2011

So late into 2011

It has been simply ages since I even touched my blog. Not so much as I lost interest but time was not so kind to me. There were just so many things to do and see to.

The first month of the year was dedicated to moving house and settling in. In fact, we are still moving furniture about and rearranging carpets and what not. Trying to find the most suitable place and thing for every room. My living room is still not complete and I guess we will get to that room eventually.

As far as events go, my maid of 2 years also just left over the weekend. It was a rather sad and tearful week the last week. The two younger kids are taking it the hardest of course. Khadijah takes such a long time to warm up to people which means I dont get much rest, She just clings to me. I am sure over time it will be much better with the new maid.

I have also started Ali at school. he seems to be enjoying it although he has not named any friends yet. Will see how this first week at school goes, he has gone 3 days in total. No tantrums in the morning and goes willingly but to get him dressed and ready does take some time lah.

The weather is just so extremely hot these days. Humid and sticky. Feel like having a shower the whole day. Makes you extremely lazy too.

Next post will try to put up some pixs of the new house!

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